PROYAPI A.Ş. ProYapi Mühendislik Müşavirlik Çerez Politikası 


Highway, Motorway, Railway Design and Engineering Services;
Motorways, highways, rural roads alignment design, Multilevel and at grade intersection designs, Drainage projects, Lighting, traffic signs and signalization projects..
Railway, Light Rail and Metro Design and Engineering Services;
Track alignment design,Depot area design, Railway and Metro Station architectural, structural and mechanical projects, Drainage projects,
Topographical survey, Hydrological and hydraulic studies.
Geological and Geotechnical Studies;
Soil investigation studies, Land slide analysis, Geological and geotechnical reports.
Infrastructure Projects;
Sewerage systems, Potable water systems, Rainwater
drainage systems.
Structural Design;
Bridges, viaduct projects, and tunnel projects,
Culverts and retaining structures projects.
Water Structures;
Dam Projects, HEPP Project
Irrigation and Drainage Projects.